Is Chicago really safe? A law enforcement officer will tell us!

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf  Podcast Notes Introduction: We have a special teller today. I have known him for maybe 20 years now. He has a background in education, marketing, and promotions, but today I’m talking to him about his work as a Law Enforcement source. Vanessa: So let me get [...]

What does the Fourth of July really mean to Black Americans?

Add title Podcast Notes: Vanessa and co-host, Sharmell Favours discuss what the July fourth holiday meaning is, what it means to them and the significance of this holiday for Black people.  Introduction Tellers of the Untold is a platform to recognize fragments of our past, so our story will be complete and that we [...]

Who knows what Juneteenth really is?

Intro Music: SOLO BLUES CONTES Closing Music: Wolf Introduction In this episode, I decided to conduct a small sociological experiment by asking random people in Chicago, “What is Juneteenth”. I asked people in the Loop (downtown) and on the South Side, ranging from 15-80 years old. Make sure you stay tuned for parts 2 and [...]

Civil Rights Movement vs. Black Lives Matter

PODCAST NOTES About co-host, James Parrish Smith 2. Tell us about the history of BLM 3. Civil Right Movement vs. Black Lives Matter The movie, 5 Little Girls- good look at past movementDifferences iphones/videos showing how blacks are treatedphotos from media in the pastCurrently organized Leadership MLK Quote Why rioting and loots? Mental Health in [...]

“I Can’t Breathe”

“I Can’t Breathe”

Co-Host: Sharmell (Columbus, OH) and Desmond (Atlanta, GA) George Floyd Why are we so tired as black american's? Non-violent protest vs violent protest What we should not do during protest What is happening in other cities? Atlanta, GAColumbus, OHEnough is enoughIt's not about just about George FloydQuestion the riots and looters Mentors/Leaders in the black [...]