“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

– Madam C.J. Walker-

EE Ward
Eldon Ward was the son of Wakeman B. Ward and Nellie E. Ward. He took over as the manger of the E.E. Ward Transfer and Storage company in the early 1950s.

The Oldest Black-Owned Business in the United States

The Oldest Black-Owned Business in the United States was founded in Columbus, Ohio. The Ward Transfer Line is the country’s oldest continuously operating African-American business. William S. Ward established the company in 1881…

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Self-made Millionaire at the age of 15

  https://jaylenbledsoe.com/ “Dream & Think Big. Control Your Future. Own Self Validation. Don’t Seek Validation.” – Jaylen D. Bledsoe Born and raised in Missouri by a single black teenage mom, Jaylen D. Bledsoe…

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