Chicago teachers demand education justice and equality

Chicago Teachers have on strike for the 9th (now 10th) day. They are fighting for smaller class sizes, special education needs, librarians, social workers and more.
Black and brown students are suffering the most from the inequity in Chicago’s public schools. The lack of Black teachers is also a concern.
The statistics provided below are from the CPS website.
Total: 361,314 (2018-2019 20th Day Enrollment)
Student Enrollment
Preschool: 17,668
Kindergarten: 24,128
Elementary (1-8): 213,651
Secondary (9-12): 105,867
Additional student information
Economically Disadvantaged Students: 76.6%
English Language Learners (ELL): 18.7%
Students with IEPs: 14.1%
Student Racial Makeup
African American: 36.6%
Asian: 4.1%
Asian/Pacific Islander (retired): 0.0%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.2%
Hispanic: 46.7%
Multi-Racial: 1.2%
Native American/Alaskan: 0.3%
White: 10.5%
Not Available: 0.3%
Information provided by the Office of School Quality Measurement. To see detailed reports about these and other measures, click here. Last updated in October 2018.
All totals reflect unique employee count
All Staff
Public schools: 31,765
Non-public schools: 95
Citywide: 4,115
Central Office/Network: 1,400
Total Employees: 37,375
Principal Racial Breakdowns
African-American: 44.4%
Asian: 0.6%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%
Hispanic: 16.8%
Native American: 0.4%
White: 34.4%
Multi-Racial: 1.0%
Unknown: 2.3%
Total Principals: 511
Racial Breakdowns (All Staff)
African-American: 32.7%
Asian: 2.9%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%
Hispanic: 25.4%
Native American: 0.3%
White: 35.1%
Multi-Racial: 1.2%
Unknown: 2.3%
Teacher Racial Breakdowns
African-American: 20.7%
Asian: 3.9%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%
Hispanic: 21.2%
Native American: 0.4%
White: 50.4%
Multi-Racial: 1.5%
Unknown: 1.9%
Total Teachers: 21,334
Is it important to have a black teacher? A 7-year-old and a 5-year-old boy and a father were asked this question.

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