Co-hosts tell the story of Ophelia Devore-Mitchell.

Co-hosts Vanessa & Cyslie chat about the first known black model, Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell. They recap their blog about how DeVore became a businesswoman by opening Grace Del Marco in 1946, which is one of the first modeling agencies. Vanessa and Cyslie tell her story and discuss how significant it is for black women today.
Podcast Notes
Who was Ophelia?
  • She was the first black model
  • One of four founders of one of the first modeling agencies
  • Grace Del Marco in 1946 (the same year as Ford Modeling)
Her early life
  • Biracial (dad was white and mom was Black/Cherokee)
  • She lived with a relative in NYC so she could get a better education.
  • She graduated from NYU with a double major
Modeling career
  • She modeled for hair products and Ebony magazine
  • She wanted to see a change in black models so she went to modeling school
  • Vogue School of Modeling (no connection with Vogue magazine) didn’t know she was Black because of her light skin.
Modeling Agency
  • Grace Del Marco named from the 4 owners
  • The name of the latter changed to her name
  • They represented Black models
  • They started a Charm School to help with grooming, makeup, walking, etc.
  • She represented models, actors, TV personalities like Cyslie Tyson.
  • She received numerous awards
  • Her talent won Emmy’s and was first to produce a TV show with a black actor
Check out our blog for more information on Ophelia DeVore.

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