Kindergarten Teacher on Black History

Our teller for this episode is Sam, who has a degree in African-American studies. She is now a Kindergarten Teacher in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the South Side Chicago, which is the Black Metropolis. She discusses her approach to teaching her students Black History year-round, and how she makes it fun.
Podcast Notes
Interview with a Kindergarten Teacher about Black History
  1. Sam Moore is a Kindergarten teacher in the Bronzeville area in Chicago.
  2. She teaches Black History year-round to her students.
  3. She makes teaching Black History fun by enjoying it herself while teaching, showing animated videos, reading books on historical Black people, etc.
  4. Her degree is in African-American studies.
Cyslie & Vanessa discuss
  1. We found that it is interesting that she teaches Black History year-round, but was unsure if it was because of the neighborhood in which she teaches, versus a mixed school.
  2. Black History shouldn’t be the only history being taught within the schools. Asian, Hispanic History and others should be taught as well.
  3. What are the factors we should look for in a school for our children?

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