Episode 5:Untold Story of Wally Amos

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Who is Wally Amos?

  1. Born in Florida
  2. Raised by his Aunt
  3. Fist black agent for William Morris Agency


  1. First agent for William Morris Agency?
  2. Represented Marvin Gaye, Simon & Garfunkel, Diana Ross, etc
  3. Why he left WMA?

Management Company

  1. He represented Hugh from South Africa who ended up dropping him as an agent
  2. He closed his company to for a cookie business

Famous Amos Cookies

  1. How it all began from his Aunt ‘s recipe
  2. Selling this company
  3. His involvement
  4. What went wrong?

Where is Wally Amos Now?

  1. He doesn’t make any money from Famous Amos anymore.

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