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Respect our Elders


The teller in this episode was born in 1925.  She is a Black woman from Chicago who is telling it like it is. She gives advice to Black parents and tells her secret about staying young.

Lavilia Ray
  • Born in Chicago in 1925
  • She has 9 siblings all have passed but one
  • father died when she was 13 years old
  • She helped out with the family business
  • She attended High School but didn’t go to college
M Luther King Jr.
  • She doesn’t remember any big changes after the movement
– Today’s Black Young
  • kids don’t respect their parents
  • Spank them is her advice.
How do you look this good at 94? What’s your secret?
  • Bowling
  • Line dancing
  • Yoga
  • Staying busy


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