The Woman Who Could Cure Cancer Using Laser Technology

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green made history when she became the first person to cure cancer in mice using laser technology-activated nanoparticles successfully. This unique nanoparticle technology was found to cure cancer after testing on mice successfully for 15 days. It does not require chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Laser technology-activated nanoparticles are an innovative cancer treatment in modern medicine. It singles out cancerous cells instead of attacking healthy ones as well.

“I documented exactly what happened, the tumor regression that I induced after a single 10-minute treatment with these laser activated nanoparticles, and the results were remarkable,”

-Green said in a recent TV One interview.

Early Years

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she was an orphan at an early age, although her aunt and uncle raised her. While in her post-graduate studies, her aunt Ora Lee was diagnosed with cancer but refused to go through treatment. Three months after her aunts passed, her uncle, General Lee Smith, was also diagnosed with cancer. Unlike his wife, he agreed to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Nevertheless, he fought through it, but Green watched him suffer from the side effects of his treatment. This was when Green sparked an interest in studying cancer treatment.


Being the first in her family to attend college, Dr. Green received full scholarships during her undergraduate and graduate education. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in physics and optics from Alabama A&M University. She also earned her master of science in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. According to, she transitioned to the Comprehensive Cancer Center for five years and one year at the Department of Pathology.

Dr. Green earned another full scholarship to the University of Alabama Birmingham, where she is one of the few Black women physicists in America. However, in 2012, she became the second Black-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Today there are unless 100 black women physicists in the U.S.

Cure Cancer Research

After an internship at NASA that Green realized that lasers were capable of so much more significant to cancer research. A $1.1 million grant was given to Dr. Green by the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Research Scientist Training Program to continue her groundbreaking work fighting cancer.

According to Dr. Green, the way the technology works is that an FDA-approved drug containing nanoparticles is injected into a cancer patient. This causes the patient’s tumor to fluoresce (glow) under imaging equipment. The goal is for a laser to activate the nanoparticles by heating them.

The nanoparticles would only attack the cancerous cells, reducing nausea, fatigue, and hair loss often associated with chemotherapy.

Green became an assistant professor at Tuskegee University in the Department of Material Science and Engineering. In 2016, Green became an assistant professor at Morehouse School of Medicine in the Physiology department. She founded the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation. Therefore, the goal of the foundation is to change radically the pain associated with chemotherapy and radiation as a result of cancer. She wants to make sure that cancer treatments were affordable to the average person, and that works.

Green dedicates much of her spare time to speaking to and mentoring young black students.

“I have actually developed two treatments. one focusing on tumor shrinkage/tumor regression; the second is monotherapy, an enhancement of immunotherapy, and an interface with personalized medicine, which is the subject of the grant I received.”

-Green said


If you are able to donate to this incredible research, you can visit her website at Lastly, supporters can also donate through the Morehouse School of Medicine website and designate it for Dr. Green’s research.

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