Grind City Kicks: An act of Service that should Inspire Entrepreneurs

About Grind City Kicks

Grind City Kicks (GCK) was founded in Memphis, Tennessee. GCK uses sneakers to collaborate with other organizations and businesses to impact the community, highlight youth, and raise awareness about social issues.

The company began with a passion for shoes and philanthropy in the community. They use ideas and suggestions from the community to create unique designs for GCK clothing and plan impactful events. The organization also spends money on programs, facilities, and support systems that benefit many.

GCK has formed numerous partnerships with sports organizations and schools to create affordable sports apparel and accessories for their players.

The Founder

After his partner lost interest and rebranded, Chima Onwuka is now the sole owner and CEO of Grind City Kicks. It was founded just months before the pandemic shut down in March 2020 when Onwuka anticipated that many families would be in need.

Grind City KicksHe saved the brand by buying out his business partner. Onwuka claims that GCK is yet another platform that allows him to use his God-given talent to influence and motivate others in the community.

With the help of sponsorships and generosity from other organizations, GCK can aid a cause and support many families. Below are some of the few benefits of Grind City Kicks to the community.

To Support a Good Cause

Grind City Kicks has produced its first pair of shoes to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter. The shoes serve as a conblack lives matterstant reminder of those who have died tragically, such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmuad Arbery.

However, they are best known for their collaboration with breast Cancer Awareness, the American Cancer Society, Real Men Wear Pink, Championship Wrestling, and CW30.

To Pay Tribute to Loved Ones

Businesses like Grind City Kicks are out there to give a helping hand. They use shoes to pay tributes to loved ones that have passed away from tragedies. 

GCK provided shoes to the families of Taylon Vail and Kam Johnson. Taylon Vail was only sixteen when he was killed in a shooting at his grandparent’s house while playing video games. Kam Johnson was the only person (child) who died in a bus horrific bus accident coming back from Dallas.

To Give Back

Grind City Kicks has a line of sneakers and shirts that give back to support COVID-19 relief efforts in the community. They designed a Covid-19 awareness shirt that helps individuals and families affected by the coronavirus.

GCK collaborated with, Grind City Cares, which impacts people and creates awareness for social issues. Together, these organizations raised funds for the Neighborhood Christian Center to continue working with families in need of resources during the pandemic.

Grind City Kicks have assisted local organizations such as Memphis Athletic Ministries in providing basketball shorts for their players.

They organized a Back to School Day concert with local artists and donated supplies to high schools in Memphis.

Raleigh Egypt high school in Memphis received uniforms from GCK. Red Hook and Memphis Sports Master collaborated to make this possible.

In 2021, they partnered with local organizations in the community to create the first alternative basketball program for alternative schools.

GCK now works with sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, and cycling, allowing teams to use their platform to give back to the community. This year they created its first partnership with a college basketball team.


GCK plays a role in providing critical services and raising a voice for people in need. They introduce stability and strengthen the community to see the greater good for the future. Partners like Grind city Cares create an excellent platform for a healthy community. Grind City Kicks is an act of service that should inspire other Entrepreneurs.

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