Is Black History Really Taught in Schools?

History of the Black Curriculum in Schools

BLACK HISTORY IN U.S SCHOOLS STARTED with Carter G. Woodson Along with HIS COLLEAGUES, WHO CREATED THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF NEGRO LIFE AND HISTORY. Between 1915 and 1950, they established a foundation for K-12 Black history education. Carter G. Woodson (father of black history month) did this by authoring several K-12 Black history textbooks, designing Black history home study courses for school-aged children, establishing a K-12 Black history teacher journal, and promoting Negro History Week (now Black History Month) in schools.

1967 Illinois law, passed in 1967, tries to cover all ethnic groups in the region. It reads: “The teaching of history shall include a study of the role and contributions of American Negroes and other ethnic group including, but not restricted to to, Polish, Lithuanian, German, Hungarian, Irish, Bohemian, Russian, Albanian, Italian, Czechoslovakian, French, Scotch, etc. in the history of this country and this state.”

1981 The legislature mandated every public school district in the state to teach Black history. 2017-2018 State of Illinois HB0726Introduced, by Rep. Thaddeus Jones With respect to the requirement that the events of Black History be taught in every public elementary school and high school, provides that a student may not complete the 8th grade or graduate from high school without studying this material and that a school may meet this requirement through an online program or course.

Amendment to Bill HB4954 March 4, 2020

 Requires All Schools In The State of Illinois To Teach Children Black History Beyond Slavery.

  Accoding to Amendment to the Bill H4954, the amendment provides that the curriculum taught include the American Civil Rights movement from 1954-1965 and the study of pre-enslavement history. The amendment received 14 votes in support and 7 against and is currently scheduled for a vote later this week. (it has not been passed yet).

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Amendment to Bill HB4954 Would Require All Schools In The ….

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