Michele Clark Magnet High School: The Success of a Chicago West Side School’s Store Initiative


As parents, we want to motivate and if we need to reward our kids. Now, parents aren’t the only ones taking on this task. Chicagoan Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson has partnered with the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation to launch the school store at Michele Clark Magnet High School in the Chicago Austin neighborhood.

Education has become even more critical in today’s competitive environment. Nonetheless, inspiring pupils to study and succeed in school may be difficult. Michele Clark Magnet High School devised a novel solution to this problem by constructing a store inside the grounds to inspire and involve pupils.

Chicagoan Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson

Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson is a fashion designer, artist, and businessman from Chicago. He is renowned for his distinctive designs, many of which include strong graphics and vibrant colors. His work has been used in a number of partnerships and collaborations with well-known companies.

Photo credit: whatscreativeluc.blogspot.com

In Chicago, Robinson started his career as a graphic designer and screen printer, producing T-shirts and other clothing for neighborhood customers. The clothing business he eventually started, Don’t Be Angry, immediately became well-known for its streetwear-inspired designs and humorous illustrations.

Since then, Robinson has worked with many well-known companies, including McDonald’s, Nike, and Adidas, and a variety of celebrities and influencers have sported his creations. Robinson is well-known not only for his work in the fashion industry but also for his murals and artworks, many of which have the same strong patterns and vibrant colors.

The concept behind the store

The concept behind the store is straightforward: in exchange for good conduct, punctuality, and academic success, students receive points that they can redeem for goods in the store. The store offers a variety of items, including apparel, gadgets, and school supplies, making it a popular spot for students to use their points.

The idea behind the business has been a success, as seen by the rise in student attendance and good behavior. In addition, the shop has developed into a center for fostering community and social interaction among the students. Students can spend time there before and after class. The Austin area where the school is located is in a low-income neighborhood. This idea has helped inspire kids to attend class consistently and succeed academically. But, the shop provides students with a natural and significant incentive to participate in class.

Photo above: Blackhawks CEO Danny Wirtz and Community Goods founder Joe ‘Freshgoods’ Robinson celebrate opening of Open Market Goods at Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School

How student learn to be entrepreneurs

Also, the shop has sparked students’ interest in business management and entrepreneurship. Students who work in the shop can develop essential skills and experience that they can use in their future employment.

The store has become an essential component of the school, and other local schools have been motivated to start similar initiatives for its success. It has proven that original and imaginative concepts may greatly influence students’ engagement and motivation.

The store’s concept may not work for every school, but it is an excellent example of how creative thinking can increase student engagement and motivation. Schools must always look for new methods to encourage and engage their students through extracurricular activities, mentoring programs, or innovative projects like the shop.


In conclusion, the Michele Clark Magnet High School store on Chicago’s west side is a terrific project that has benefited the school’s student body. It has inspired children to attend class, act appropriately, and succeed academically while imparting essential life skills and entrepreneurial experience. The business is an excellent example of how new concepts may improve education and provide a better learning environment for pupils.

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