Moziah Bridges: The 15-Year-Old Founder of Mo’s Bows

by Nonso Nwagbo

Moziah Bridges is the founder and CEO of Mo’s Bows, a bow tie company based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He founded his company at the young age of nine.

Moziah started by exchanging bow ties for rocks in the playground in his school. Soon enough, his products have become a common commodity in retail shops all around the U.S. Today, Mo’s Bows has generated up to $300,000 from the sales of bow ties and other accessories for men.

Beyond being a young CEO, Moziah’s philanthropic desires triggered him to start the “Go Mo!” charity organization. The Go Mo charity helps send children in Memphis to summer camp.


Moziah was born on November 13, 2001, in Memphis, Tennessee. He was raised by his mother, Tramica Morris, and learned how to sew from his grandmother, who was an experienced retired seamstress. 

Growing up, Moziah loved to dress smart. According to him, he could not get a befitting accessory to help him look as sharp as he had wanted. All the things his search could muster seemed not to fit into his unique style or personality. 

This was what inspired him to learn how to sew his own bow ties from his granny. Little did he know that he was on course for something bigger than just satisfying his taste of fashion.

Just a couple of months later, Bridges already had a good stock of bow ties, which he sold to family and friends. He was soon getting clients from Facebook and had to set up his own Etsy store.

Asides from making bow ties as a young entrepreneur, Moziah Bridges was also a good jazz dancer and loved good music.


As stated in his Mo’s Bows website, Moziah Bridges dreams of studying fashion design in college when he graduates from high school. He also hopes to establish his own large-scale fashion line by the time he clocks 20.


Mo’s Bows is Moziah Bridges’ current most prominent business. Having started his business at the age of nine, Moziah has since then done his best to keep growing.

Moziah’s Mo’s Bows currently boasts of about seven employees. His staff consists of his own mother as his business manager and other seamstresses working for him. 

Apart from his fashion business, Moziah has also taken to philanthropy as his way of giving back to society. He founded his charity program, “Go Mo!” in 2012. The charity utilizes the income from the Scholarship Bow Tie to assist in sending kids to summer camp.

He draws his inspiration from Daymond John of Shark Tank, who he reveres as his mentor. 

Moziah’s Great Achievements

Moziah Bridges has been in both local and international publications and documentaries. He has starred in Good Morning America, Oprah magazine, Steve Harvey Show, and the most famous of all, Shark Tank.

In 2015, Moziah became more popular after the 2015 NBA draft made him their fashion correspondent. Many of the basketball players donned their bow ties for the occasion. In March 2015, he went with his mentor, Daymond John, for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

He was also honored with an invitation to the inaugural White House demo day. On that occasion, he was privileged to meet President Obama one-on-one. That was how he gave the president the infamous “Obama Blue” Mo’s bow. 

A Young Person’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business Written by a Successful Kidpreneur

Moziah Bridges (Author)  Tramica Morris (Author)  & 1 more


Running a successful business can be hard for anyone, but seventeen-year-old Moziah Bridges has become a pro at it. His company, Mo’s Bow’s, is what today’s “kidpreneurs” dream of achieving–a successful business selling a product that one loves and is passionate about. Mo shares with young business-minded readers his BOWS of Business Believe in yourself, take the opportunity to give back, Work hard/study hard, and have Supported from friends and family. He knows there is a Mo’s Bows in every household-kids just need someone to help nurture their talents. For more information click here.

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