Past, Present and Future of the Black Community

An interview with black seniors

Hey, everybody, welcome to Tellers of the untold I’m Vanessa, your host again this week. And today, which is the month of oil in Black History Month, we are having a special episode on our podcast. And that special episode is where and this didn’t happen during COVID. So just let you know, this is some audio I had from from last year, I visited a church on the south side, faith tabernacle church. And these wonderful ladies who are senior citizens agreed to speak with me just about growing up black in the in the United States, really. And then they talk about some parallels between the south and here. And then I asked them a very important question because everything that from history goes back to like, current day and our future. So who do you think shapes the future of our black community? And they go back? And when you ask that question, especially to seniors, they go back in history and talk about, well, it was this way. But now it’s this way. So it should be this way. So without further ado, here is the episode where and again, it’s a panel. So there’s about five ladies, I hope you guys enjoy it. And if you do, send me a comment, email me at info at tellers, And I have some other audio versions of them as well. And before I start off, make sure you check out our website at tellers, untold calm, we have some new products out merchandise as well as a black history crossword puzzle. on Amazon. It’s great for kids and also for family members as well. It’s only 699. And there’s it’ll keep you busy for a while. Hope you guys enjoy, take care activities, they’re taking money from us that the church isn’t the place to always be that they can do their Bible studies at home. What do you say to people that the kids that are saying those things, the

Unknown Speaker 2:29
parents, the parents don’t do any Bible study or anything, but it is true. The church and

Unknown Speaker 2:40
in what we can do about that there was a young man’s sister. This was years ago. And I was talking to him about the church after a terrible battle 82 years or so. And I was going to be in church and he told me all he can steal money song. So this song, so then I said, well, then you find a different church. Everybody’s not bad. That’s in the church, just like every bank is not in the church is not bad, you know, but you have to find a church where you’re comfortable. And you watch the people and if you feel that’s not too tricky, you move on. There’s so many opportunities there people that are really interested in helping us yeah, give them a chance.

Unknown Speaker 3:28
Okay, so so far, as far as the question, Who or what shapes the community of the black community or the future of the black community, we have parenting and the church, anything else? Any other

Unknown Speaker 3:42
opinions? school, school? Okay, so tell me more about school? Is it the teachers?

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Is it the just the educational system? Can you be a little bit more specific?

Unknown Speaker 3:58
Just system I think, to be fair. I remember having a history class in high school. And Mr. Pfeiffer was my teacher. He was white. And we had books that didn’t have covers on them. And they were used in a tour of them. So we didn’t put out books until the end of September, and they were new. And my teacher was so mad, he just turned red. He was like, Why is he so angry? He was angry because the the published date was 12 years old. They have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere. And we were just getting them and he was 12 years old. So he was really upset. But this was the disparity and educational system where they cater to black and white. We can be separate but we would never equal

Unknown Speaker 4:56
education and you’re saying The the actual politics behind education. So our leaders, our politicians that make the laws for education would help with our future of the black community. And what would that look like? What are we talking about as far as if you’re talking to a politician right now,

Unknown Speaker 5:19
after the us getting out and voting and paying attention to what’s going on in politics, most people don’t pay. And I really have to admit, I wasn’t into politics into this last election and Trump getting office in the middle way.

Unknown Speaker 5:38
found out

Unknown Speaker 5:43
we have to be more participant in our own future. We can’t let other people decide what our future is going to be, we have to decide.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
So get out and vote. Also,

Unknown Speaker 5:55

Unknown Speaker 5:57
is no, the city moves in city government known collinear streetlights, aberdares abandoned building and kids are ready to go into the school. You know, where I live is cool. And this house was empty for like three weeks. And that was a kid’s going to dig come out the bag going over to the yard to the school. And so I call downtown I told them, I said, you need to come forward to goodness, because these kids are going to be going to school, and you’re going to find bodies, you know, know what’s going on? And she said, Really? So she said, okay, she said, Come back, I’m gonna let them know, call me back. They came the same day. And I called her back said, Thank you. She said they already asked. She said, Well, if he gets on board again, that you know, I said, but if you have to watch it, you have to participate and take a part in what’s going on in your community. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 6:54
if we’re talking again, because this is the future of the black community, we’re talking to college students, to teenagers, to young kids and elementary school for the future. How do we tell them these things that you’re telling us now? Like, especially with the voting that they can do the parenting? That’s something that the current, you know, current mothers and fathers can start doing and the grandmothers and the caregivers, but what about how do we tell the young kids about voting? How do we tell them that education is important, and then that then when they do become parents, mothers and fathers, their major role?

Unknown Speaker 7:34
He added to his tune to that too.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
There were times when when we had which co hosts guess, that used to go through the community and carry digital vote presented. Yeah, and that’s okay. You

Unknown Speaker 7:53
know, they still am. You know, so politics plays a big part in the school, as well as voted, and turning people out people. Just communicate means to encourage you to go out vote, explain to why you voted

Unknown Speaker 8:12
to write how you do more funding for your schools, that your community and how you can is trying out programs that they have available for people with low income, like some they have to Comcast, that has a program where you can get intimate if you have low income families.

Unknown Speaker 8:32
Yeah. And and that and I think, even our iPad or something to or

Unknown Speaker 8:36
laptop like that. But you know, a lot of people still don’t know that, you know, right. And I don’t know how you get would get that out. Unless we have community activists or you have people that’s going to meetings in the community and find out, okay.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
But again, I’m we’re talking about the teenagers that again, you were saying don’t really care about much right now. And they’re just thinking about going out partying, playing their video games, or, you know, being on the streets. How do you tell them? How do you tell these people that don’t want to hear what you’re saying? Or is it goes back does it go back to what you were saying to the parents involvement? Because there’s a lot in our community, there’s a lot of youth out there that say,

Unknown Speaker 9:24
I’m not going to go out and vote like they do. just terrible. I say if you want, if you want to keep the right to vote, you have to go and vote. Because when things are going now, if we don’t vote in mass, next election, we may not have a right to vote in five years. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 9:51
we’re going back. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
All right. So mate. So just to kind of recap what you said. You’re saying that the parents are a major influence for the future, the black community education and the politics behind it.

Unknown Speaker 10:12

Unknown Speaker 10:13
and and the right to vote. Was there any other ones that you guys I’d like to try to address? Or do you think those and as a whole should be topics that are tackled to help

Unknown Speaker 10:26
with our community, and they should be tackled? The form needs to be done. But the children need to know. And they need to be major participants, because of their future. All right. We’re going to be here, you know, whether we hope to be with the climate change and stuff, they need to be aware of what’s going on around them, and not to slip in a little bubble and be a little circle of friends. But they need to get outside of that and see and explore different things. Some of these kids grew up in the city and they’ve never been out of the city. All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
So again, it looks like it seems like it’s going back to the parents. Right.

Unknown Speaker 11:06
Yeah. Okay. And sometimes, you know,

Unknown Speaker 11:10
kids are young.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
They Bau T. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:19
So much violence.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:22
it was really good.

Unknown Speaker 11:23
So you think TV plays negative role and video games? Possibly, I could you say TV could also be an asset to the community.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
Choose to have fun.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
And whatever they won’t know, on TV. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
All right. So those are some of the things that you’re saying that the parents can do. Okay, so let’s just let’s talk about that just for briefly. So the parents if the parents are one of the main roles in the black community, so they should they they can, one you mentioned, the church, being involved in the church, getting their kids involved with the church

Unknown Speaker 12:06

Unknown Speaker 12:10
choose to do modeling with their kids see on TV, educating them on black history.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
And any other ones we were talking about?

Unknown Speaker 12:22
respects because you guys mentioned this fact. So and what is respect look like? Give us an example to those that just are probably saying, what do they mean by respect?

Unknown Speaker 12:35
It used to be a long time ago, if a drone was the dumbest person in Canada, past any past the wall patio, stylish, sir. So stop. They not shameful anymore. They just say whatever they do somehow curse pass out. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
Do you just to add on to that view feel like they you shouldn’t be saying Yes, ma’am. Yes, sir. Some of them feel like by saying Yes, ma’am. Yes, sir. takes us back to slavery times.

Unknown Speaker 13:09
That’s what they’re saying. I don’t think was okay. For the last 20 years of our teaching diversity. Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. But now she can visit is always Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am.

Unknown Speaker 13:24

Unknown Speaker 13:26
But they also people down there, you’re more friendly. And then she said Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. When she comes in, especially young, young lady, and she was white. And she said Yes, ma’am. No, that is the way to look at her. So this is not respecting

Unknown Speaker 13:50
any other? How does respect look for a parent?

Unknown Speaker 13:55
When the children do what they asked them to do now allow the parents to say do songs or you did it in a discussion It was like you did instead of notice they put the fear of God in your bed and do it. You know, these kids now the parents are working and he’s grumpy is laying up on the parents is about to retire and don’t want to go to work. They just they get these big, great, big girlfriends without kids and all of this craziness going on. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:34
So one last question for you all. We’ll actually have to look at one of them is the question that relates to the community, the future of the community. When I interviewed one, a few people, they said, it’s not just the black community that we should focus on the future of that it should be they said it shouldn’t be just the black community that were COVID about as far as the future and should be,

Unknown Speaker 15:03
just in general the community. We’re

Unknown Speaker 15:11
trying to go into the white community so we can address their issues.

Unknown Speaker 15:17

Unknown Speaker 15:19
the whole thing of racism

Unknown Speaker 15:23
is crazy.

Unknown Speaker 15:25
that’s, to me is taught. Because if you put two keys, the white one and a black one painting together, but it’s boy, they don’t play. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:37
And so the last question I have since we’re here at a church in your church, and thank you for having us. Can someone give me some scripture? Or like words of a hymn that would relate to the future of the community? train them

Unknown Speaker 16:00
to go,

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Okay, okay, try, they’re gonna say it again. Please.

Unknown Speaker 16:04
Bring up a child and the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Unknown Speaker 16:09
Okay. And it comes from

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