Shymane Robinson, the Youngest Black Lawyer to Open an Office on the Southside of Chicago


The youngest black attorney to establish a practice on Chicago’s Southside is Shymane Robinson, 31. She founded True Lawyer, providing general counsel to Cyprus Investments, LLC, a Chicago-based, privately held investment firm. Although Robinson’s road has yet to be straightforward, her success story deserves to be known to as many people as possible. Robinson’s resilience and tenacity have helped her get where she is now, despite growing up in a challenging neighborhood and facing challenges in both her academic and professional lives.

Being Raised in a Difficult Neighborhood

Shymane Robinson had a complex background. She was raised in a dangerous South Side Chicago neighborhood where crime and violence were prevalent. Robinson was motivated to succeed despite the challenges she encountered. She concentrated on academics and did well in school since she understood that knowledge was the key to a better life.

Facing Challenges in Academic Life

When Robinson got accepted into a prominent university, the University of Illinois Law School, her perseverance paid off. She attended law school after receiving high honors for her graduation. Robinson’s journey through law school was complex, too. She had to overcome several challenges, including discrimination and financial hardship. She persisted, nevertheless and eventually earned a law degree.

Shymane Robinson
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Breaking Barriers in the Legal Field

After graduating from law school, Robinson faced another obstacle – finding a job as a black lawyer. She faced discrimination and bias but refused to give up. Instead, she decided to open her own law office on the Southside of Chicago, an area dire need of legal representation.

Robinson has been a role model for many thanks to her accomplishments as a young black lawyer. She is dismantling obstacles in the legal profession and encouraging others to follow their aspirations despite how challenging they may seem.

Determining the Value of Representation

Shaymane Robinson’s accomplishments are motivating and significant for the legal community. For all people to have access to justice, there must be diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. A historically underrepresented and underserved population now receives legal counsel because of Robinson’s presence on Chicago’s South Side.

Impact on the Community

The Southside of Chicago has significantly benefited from Robinson’s efforts there. Those who would not otherwise have had legal representation received it from her law firm. Robinson is an effective spokesperson for those who have been disenfranchised and mistreated because of her focus on social justice problems like housing discrimination and police brutality. Her clients, coworkers, and peers appreciate and admire her for her commitment to serving the community.

The Importance of Mentorship and Support

Robinson’s accomplishments serve as a reminder of the value of guidance and assistance. Young and black, Robinson encountered many challenges on her path to achievement. She was lucky enough to have mentors and supporters along the way who believed in her and gave her encouragement. Today, Robinson mentors and acts as an example for young attorneys, particularly those from disadvantaged groups. Her tale serves as a monument to the value of mentoring and encouragement and a call to action for people in privileged positions to uplift and support those breaking down barriers and improving their communities.


In conclusion, the world should be aware of Shymane Robinson’s success. Her path from a rough area to becoming the youngest black attorney to open an office on Chicago’s Southside proves her strength of tenacity and willpower. Robinson’s representation on Chicago’s South Side is a step toward a more inclusive and diverse legal profession, and her narrative motivates those who encounter challenges on the road to achievement.

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