Will Smith has a new series on Snapchat called ‘Will From Home’

About Will Smith

The actor and rapper Will Smith, launched the 12-part series on Friday, April 3rd, on Snapchat to entertain and educate fans during quarantine from the coronavirus on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Head of original content for Snapchat, Sean Mills stated that the idea for the show came when discussing the social media platform with Westbrook Media, Smith’s production company. “Will was feeling a lot of pent-up creative energy and was excited to do something with it in a new and different way,” Sean Mills adds.

The series will follow Smith hanging out in his garage during the coronavirus pandemic; he will talk to his family, special guests like Tyra Banks and everyday people practicing social distancing by staying home. The guest appearances will all be recorded from their own homes. Dr. Anthony Fauci was in one of the episodes answering questions about the coronavirus. A 7-year-old appears with him, asking Dr. Fauci questions about the virus.

Smith’s family, relatives, and other famous people appeared on the show, offering a lighter and humorous perspective on life during the pandemic. Each episode lasted roughly ten minutes and was only available on Snapchat.


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