What should black Americans know about Ghana?

In this episode, Vanessa speaks with a woman from Ghana, asking her perspective on what she thinks about black Americans and what we should know about Ghana.
 Photo Credit: Buzz Ghana

Photo Credit: Buzz Ghana

Teller: This is Gladys, from Ghana.
What do you learn about black Americans growing up?
Gladys: They were slaves
What should black Americans know about Africa?
Gladys: I know that white men came to the country and took us here.
What should we know about Africa for those that have not traveled there or Ghana?
Gladys: Ghana is a good country. We are free and friendly. We are good for black Americans. When you come to Ghana we will receive you nicely. The Queen Mother of her town. We get the goodness from white people.”
What made you want to come to America?
Gladys: I wanted to come here to see how America is and what is going on with Americans.
Should black Americans travel to Africa and why?
To know your people
What do you think of people here called African-Americans?
You were here from slavery and that’s why you are called African-Americans.
Are you okay with us being called African-Americans?
Yeah. I’m okay.
What do you want to be called? African, Ghanaian or African-American
I am an American citizen so I can be called African American
How many languages do you speak in Ghana?
We speak so many languages……Akan, Ewe, Ga, English, Abron. It depends on the tribe. I’m from the Ashanti Tribe region. You can say Thank you in Ghana is….”Me daa si”
Me daa si
Thank you!

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