The Power of a Mother’s Faith: A tribute to Laura!

Podcast Notes
Janelle, also known as “Janelle Ja” is the teller for this week. The discussion is on “The Black Church and Christianity in the Black community.” She discusses the role of her mother and how she played a significant role regarding her faith today.
About the teller
Janelle is was born a graduate of Columbia College Chicago.  She attended The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and is being trained by AGI Entertainment in Atlanta.  She is an actress, singer, and entrepreneur. She recently started Chocolate Janelle Ja.
Facebook: Janelleja
Chocolate Janelle Ja
IG: Chocolatejanelleja
Twitter: ChocolateJja
Knowing God
Janelle’s grandmother, Laura Washington (middle photo) raised her while her mother raised 8 other siblings.  Her grandmother grows up in the South and picked cotton and always told Janelle the stories of her past. She dedicated her music EP to her called, Laura’s Daughter”.   Ms. Laura believed it was Janelle’s gift to sign.
Laura always said and would say if she was here today:
“Put God first”
“Pray about it”
“You can be old fashion with a modern kick”
“It’s such a beautiful day”
Psalms 31
Proverbs 3:6
“In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”
  What do you think has happened now with the church and its attendance?
–    Janelle responded that young mothers are having kids at a young age and not making wise decisions and not bringing God into your life.
 Photo Credit: RNS (Religious News Service) Photo Credit: RNS (Religious News Service)
  • What we teach our kids will follow from generation to generation. Janelle learned about God and how to pray from her grandmother, who raised her.
  • “We are virtuous women. It’s in the Bible,” Janelle said. “We, as mothers have the most important role.”
  • The teller stated that “The younger generation is not seeking out the older generation. Respect the elderly. They can help out a lot. They have the best wisdom.”
What can we do? Advice from Janelle:
  • Mentor others. Young mothers and just mother’s in general.
  • Pray for other kids and tell them they are beautiful. Encourage them.
  • Teach kids to know how to pray!
Janelle concludes the podcast with her advice to unbelievers.
Closing Music: Wolf

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