Episode 8: Life as a Black male in Chicago during the 1960s

  • Born in Chicago in the 1950s
  • Turned on the TV and heard he was shot and told his mom
  • He remembered the most that the HS kids throwing bottles
  • Closest he had seen to civil war
  • 1968 was the worst year he had ever seen
Serving in the Military
  • He did not serve in the military
  • His father and uncle served in the war
  • He remembered his family saying Why are you guys fighting for the white men?”
Black Panthers
  • People thought very highly of him
  • Some believed they were the most dangerous people in America
  • The story about Black Panthers
How can we help the Black community
Work in the system in the solution
Black President help contribute
Who he believes to be an Inspiration to black men from our history
George Jackson

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