Chicago Police traumatizing innocent children with wrong raids!

The Chicago police had a search warrant for their arrest but for the previous tenants.
It was the morning of Friday, March 15th in Chicago, the morning of a homegoing service for a family member. Ms. Wilson, a Black single mother and a Registered Nurse of two adult children and three young kids had family members stay at her home that morning.
The nightmare began a little before 6 AM when the Chicago Police Department squad team, tackle team, and other officers surrounded their home, flashing lights and guns drawn. “Come out now for your safety. Ms. Wilson came out and announced she had young kids in the house with her. They came out one by one, and the officers handcuffed the mother, the two adult children, and the 8-year-old boy for over 40 minutes in rainy, 32-degree weather. The younger girl was not handcuffed, but maybe because there were no more handcuffs.  The other two younger kids were traumatized. The officers cursed at both the adults and the kids during this raid. The officers did not allow the mother and the three young children to go back into their own home for almost 2 hours. Once they were let in, they were in detention for hours inside their own home.
 The police had a search warrant for their arrest, but for the previous tenants.
“I know what was going to happen. I was just scared, my legs were shaking. I was worried about my sister the most because she was only 6 years old. I thought that my family was going to get taken away from me.”
-Royal Wilson

The Chicago police had a search warrant to their arrest but for the previous tenants.

Once they raided the home, they created a large hole in the second-floor ceiling. They searched the house and threw out clothes and papers everywhere, including mattresses. They even took $24 from the 8-year-old’s room. After the officers had completed the raid and realized they were searching for the wrong people, the mother asked an officer, What’s going to fix my home? He didn’t respond. They didn’t apologize at all and just left while the mom had an emotional breakdown. After the raid, the 8-year-old had a flair of asthma from the trauma. All three of the young children refuse to sleep in their beds due to fear. They do not sleep through the night from the injury, and they are afraid to leave their mom to go to school.
The police violated their 4th amendment law.
The full statement from Chicago Police provided to CBS 2 via email on May 24, 2019, “The Chicago Police Department makes every effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of all information used to apply for and execute search warrants. In this instance, officers had information that there was an assault rifle located inside a residence on the 8900 Block of South Laflin. Due to the risk involved with a weapon that could penetrate body armour, the occupants of the residence followed the verbal direction given over a public address system and exited the residence without needing to breach the door. The target of the search warrant was on the scene, and while there was no weapon located during the search, the location searched was the same as described on the search warrant.”
Why do the police point guns at children? The police violated their 4th amendment law. How can we read a story like this as parents?
Attorney Al Hofeld Jr. plans to file a lawsuit against the city on behalf of the Wilson family. It will be his fifth case involving a raid by Chicago Police where families allege guns were pointed at children, traumatizing them. And feel comfortable with the police force here in Chicago.
CBS 2’s ongoing investigation into how wrong police raids affect children to proposed legislation. House Bill1, introduced by Senator Jacqueline Collins (D-District 16), passed the Senate with a unanimous vote on May 28 and is now headed to the House for a vote. It outlines steps officers would have to take when children are present during police activity to ensure they are safe from harm, both physically and psychologically.

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